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White and light furniture and accents make your home feel more spring-like.

In the last post, we discussed some egg-celent ways to get hopping for the holiday. In this post, we’ll detail one idea that might take a little more time, but that is sure to impress your Easter guests — creating an Easter-fresh home.

Although it is a religious holiday, many people decide to celebrate spring when they celebrate Easter. For this reason, when you host an Easter dinner, a spring theme is never out of place. However, this year, consider going a step further by presenting your guests with an Easter-fresh home. Start doing the spring cleaning today to de-clutter as much as possible. Store whatever you can’t get rid of, and donate the rest. A garage organization system from White Rabbit can go a long way in helping you store your items in a way that is simple, effective, and gets those items out of the way.

Once your home is organized, add the touch of spring. Re-paint one wall as a pastel-colored accent. Fill your home with fresh flowers and add paintings and accents in some of most beautiful spring colors, like pink, purple, green, etc. Avoid the egg and rabbit-themed decor, and this time go for dried flowers and outdoor prints. These will give your home a sophisticated spring feel that is destined to surprise and delight your Easter guests.

Even if you’re just getting started thinking about Easter, you can create an Easter-fresh home in time for your Easter dinner, and an organization system from White Rabbit can help tremendously. Call White Rabbit today for a little rabbit magic before the Easter bunny comes!

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