An organized Easter makes the holiday more fun!

An organized Easter makes the holiday more fun!

If you’re like most, you’re probably a little shocked that Easter is already only two weeks away. That’s right — it’s an early Easter this year, and people who have just started taking down their St. Patrick’s Day window clings are going to need to get busy making preparations for the Easter Bunny’s visit. Even if you’re completely unprepared for the holiday’s arrival, you’re in luck. The following are a few tips that can help you have a fun, organized Easter.

 Organize the Holiday Bins

No, this doesn’t really sound like a way to get ready for Easter, but believe it or not, you probably have more Easter items than you realize. If you just start shopping, then you’ll end up with duplicates or jut too much stuff. If you start your Easter preparations by organizing the holiday bins, you’ll be able to unearth what you have and set it out before going shopping. This way, you’ll buy only what you need, allowing you not only to save money but also to cut down on the clutter that got you in this mess in the first place. As you sort through the holiday bins, think about what the best way to store these bins will be. Will you place them in a closet or in the attic. If you haven’t yet considered ceiling storage like the kind White Rabbit can create for you, it might be time to give it a look. Ceiling storage is a great place for holiday bins — and if you use the color-coded bin system that we discussed in an earlier post, ceiling storage means it’s easy to find your decorations whenever you need them but that they’re perfectly out of your way if you don’t.

Create Themed Baskets

If you have a very little one, chocolate bunnies, dyed eggs, and jelly beans in every flavor are definitely musts, but if your child or grandchild is getting a little bored of the bunny, you might want to consider a themed basket. For example, you might select a superhero, princess, dinosaur or favorite teen movie saga theme. Choose a basket in colors that relate to the theme — black and red for Spiderman or pink and white for princes, for example — and fill the basket with themed items, like superhero or princess action figures, coloring and activity books, CDs or DVDs and even a small piece of clothing like a T-shirt or a pair of socks. Of course, you might want to stick a couple of chocolate eggs or bunnies in there for good measure.

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