Father’s Day in Chicago

Father’s Day in Chicago

Instead of buying Dad another tie or slippers or a screwdriver set, consider a gift that keeps on giving, and that’s the gift of organization. Don’t clutter up Dad’s tool shed with more tools, rather clean up and clean out the tool shed, clean the tools and find a place for every item. Depending on the state of the tool area, once you start, the job will get messier before it gets better.

You will need to start by sorting through all the tools, putting together like items.  Excessive duplicates of large items, and broken items should be recycled. Once you know all that needs to be kept, you can begin organizing the space.

Since Dad’s tools will be on display in the new system, cleaning will make them shine, easier to use, and last longer. Vacuum to remove excess dust, and on handheld tools like screwdrivers and hammers, wipe down with mineral spirits. Never use water on tools as they will rust.

Vertical space is ideal for tool storage. Peg walls are perfect for hanging tools up, and making finding the right tool a snap. Once you have them all hung, using a marker and outline the item so that Dad will have no excuse keeping up with his tools.

Use clear glass jars for loose screws and nails either hung or placed on shelving. Make sure that Dad’s work area has good lighting and plenty of clear surface space so that Dad has plenty of room to spread out and keep things organized.  Make Dad’s Father’s Day a happy, organized, stress-free one that lasts all year!

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