The bitter cold winter is creeping up on us. With the notoriously freezing Midwest winters, you and your family are probably going to spend more time inside with mugs of hot cocoa, than outside enjoying any weather. So, now is the time to take advantage of the remnants of warmth before it is stolen away. Here are some ideas for enjoying the season while spending quality time with your family.

Leaf Piles

Leaf piles are, of course, a must for autumn. Get out your rakes—with an organized garage, they won’t be difficult to find—and let everyone in on the fun of pushing all of the leaves into one big pile. The added bonus is that your yard (all except for the middle of it!) will be leaf-free. You can even use a leaf blower if you happen to have a lot of leaves around your home. Be sure though, to check the leaf pile for any sticks before your let the kids jump in, to avoid injury. Then, when everyone has had their fill of fun, have them help pick up the leaves. You can purchase ghost or pumpkin-shaped plastic leaf bags, so you’ll have a leaf-free yard and a great Halloween decoration!

Pumpkin Carving

A White Rabbit gardening counter is the perfect place to carve a pumpkin.

A White Rabbit gardening counter is the perfect place to carve a

Pumpkin carving has long been the bane of kitchens. The mess of slimy pumpkin innards, the seeds and the grimy little hands can get pumpkin everywhere. Not to mention the smell, which some adore and some detest. With a garage that’s organized, has good flooring, and is made comfortable, pumpkin carving can easily be moved to the garage, saving your kitchen from pumpkin destruction.

Any workspace in the garage provides an ideal area for pumpkin carving. Set out trashcans or paper bags, and lie down plastic or paper grocery bags for those inevitable spills and misses. You can even play fun Halloween music as you work.

Tip: Rubbing petroleum jelly on the cut and exposed parts of a pumpkin will keep them from shriveling, and make them last longer!

Marshmallow Roast

Sitting by the fire as a family after a long day of leaf jumping and pumpkin carving is a great way to relax. You can purchase a portable fire pit at a very reasonable price. Bring out the marshmallows, roasting sticks, and the hot cocoa. And, of course, with a well-organized garage, you will have no problem making space for your fire pit to protect it from rusting and cracking due to the elements.

We here at White Rabbit think that fall is nature’s gift before the cold. Take advantage of this gorgeous season, and spend some time with you family. Having a beautiful, organized garage helps you to easily do just that!

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