Get bright tissue paper and make paper flowers. Get about 4-5 sheets of colored tissue or craft paper and fan fold together. Tie a pipe cleaner around the middle of the fan and fold it in half. Round the edges of the fan with scissors and pull the individual sheets apart to make the flower.

Kids love putting their hands in paint; utilize this skill by making thumbprint flowers. Use brown construction paper and make a pot. Use green paint and put the handprint on paper. This is the stem of the flower. Around each finger, place finger dots to make flowers. Once it dries, glue the construction paper pot so that the hand print is growing out.

Have fun with amphibians by making rock frogs. Paint spots, mouths, and tongues on rocks. Use smaller rocks for the legs and little round ones painted white with black irises for eyes. Glue the extremities on and place the frogs on construction paper lily pads.

Other fun crafts are collages, paper plate animals, pipe cleaner iguanas, handprint butterflies, paper bag puppets, and toilet paper roll octopus. With a little imagination, some glue, and scissors, you and your kids can make anything. Crafts are fun, and tap into your child’s creativity center improving their analytical skills. Take a little time for art at home, and make your child a better student.

Go to White Rabbit’s Pinterest Board called DIY Kid Crafts for more great ideas!

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