MP900440281 Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again, and even though some people say it’s too early to bring out the Christmas music, you can’t help but start to feel the spirit or Christmas infiltrate Chicagoland. If you look around any department store (or look at any outdoor thermometer in Chicagoland!) you will realize that the holiday season is already here! Many households use holidays as a reason to decorate and be festive. Nothing makes the holiday season more fun than outdoor decorations, string lights, and other decorative items. However, this means taking out and putting away boxes of decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or other holidays you may celebrate. This can be a hassle, but if you don’t repack your decorations in an organized fashion, you’re likely to be frustrated next year when you have to take them out again. Below are some tips to help you pack away decorations easily and quickly, while still keeping them organized.

Organize Strings of Lights

Anyone who decorates for any occasion will tell you that one of the most difficult parts of taking out and putting away decorations is dealing with the tangled cords and broken bulbs of light strings. These lights are used primarily around Christmas time, but can be used for any holiday (think orange and black light bulbs for Halloween). But if you have string lights, you have tangles. One option for avoiding this problem is to buy light organizers like these. Or you can wrap them around your arm by holding the end of the light in one hand, and wrapping vertically under your elbow and back up to your hand. When you have it all wrapped, use the end to wrap around the whole string of lights, and fasten by plugging to two ends together.

Organize Static Clings

A White Rabbit garage organizing system can help you keep your decorations organized.

A White Rabbit garage organizing system
can help you keep your decorations organized.

Window static clings are a mainstay for any holiday decorating. Unfortunately, however, they never want to stick back to the original packaging they came in, and simply throwing them all together means they will be stuck together and wrinkled when you need to use them again. To save yourself all this trouble, simply use a flat box (boxes that department stores gift-wrap clothes in seem to work best), and lay the window clings flat between layers of tissue paper or paper towels. The great thing about this is that you now have a use for all the boxes and tissue paper leftover from the holiday!

Organize According to How You Decorate

Some people decorate the same way every year, while others like to change it up a little—or a lot. Keep in mind how you decorate when putting away decorations. If you decorate the same way every year, it may be easier for you to organize your decorations according to room. Put all of the living room decorations together, all of the kitchen decorations together, etc. If you constantly change your decorations around, you can simple put window clings together, lights together, knick-knacks together, etc. This will keep you from having to search through boxes in frustration to get to the items you need.

Decorating is meant to be fun, as are the holidays we decorate for. Save yourself all the frustration and keep all the fun with these easy organizing tips!

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