Summertime is the best time! Especially for kids who are out of school! But despite the long, warm days, parents will hear those two dreaded words; “I’m bored.” Here are a few fun activities to keep you little ones happy and enjoying their time off.

Have a theme day once a week. This week could be Princess Tuesday, next week Superhero Wednesday, the next week Pirate Friday.  Make eye patches from construction paper and yarn, tie on bandannas from the dollar store and talk like a pirate all day.  Have a pirates’ booty treasure hunt and refresh your little pirates thirst with ‘grog’ juice.

Before Key Lime Cove or Hurricane Harbor, parents turned on the hose and had a water park in the backyard. A simple sprinkler head will do the trick just fine, but you can also layout a water slide, fill up water guns and shoot away. Playing in water on a hot day is fun for kids of all ages, especially adults!

Bubbles are also an inexpensive and fun summertime activity. Costing only the price of a used jar, catch lighting bugs and place them in a jar with a lid that has holes. Catching fireflies is a perfect activity for camping in the backyard. Get out the sleeping bags, skewer marshmallows for Smores and tell stories by starlight.

Make sure that your student doesn’t lose everything they learned during the school year with a weekly trip to the library. While they are having fun, they should also prepare a little for the upcoming school year. Almost anything they read will be good for them, so let them choose a book and have a book club meeting to talk about what they read.

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