Bike2kids7Before your kids learn to walk, they can ride a bike! Well, you can bike and take them along for the ride. Introduce your little one to the joys of speed by taking them with you. Once they are older, your love of biking is ingrained and you will be trying to keep up with them.

Even if your kids are only passengers, they should still don a properly fitted helmet. Your child will be more apt to accept wear a helmet, if they see you with yours on.  Get matching helmets and make it fun. The most comfortable way for your child to ride with is in a trailer. Trailers attach to the rear of your bike, have safety belts, and a cover to protect your little one from the elements. While the seats are available for children from eight weeks to six years of age, it is recommended not to start them until nine months. Not only more comfortable, trailers are safer and won’t tilt over if you fall. They are also easier to see and have a roll cage for protection.

Lighter in weight and on your pocket book, child bike seats attach directly onto a bike. Ideal for beautiful weather, child bike seats are made for children from nine months to three years of age. You can opt for a rear seat which won’t affect the handle bars like the front seat option.  Whichever one you choose, your child will enjoy being in on the action.

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