Post image for Can Being Organized Help You Go Green?Today, many people realize the importance of going green. Whether they are concerned about global warming or just want to save some money on electricity, people are more concerned about what they use, reuse, and waste in today’s culture. You might not think that organizing can help you go green, but the reality is that organization can certainly help you live a greener lifestyle. Here are three key ways how.

1. Being Organized Can Help You Avoid Buying Duplicates

When you live a green lifestyle, you try to avoid consuming excessively. Instead, you make due with what you have and try to make each purchase count. By consuming less, you rely less on the earth’s resources and non-ethical labor. When you can, you make your own items. When you are organized, you know what you have and what you need. This helps you to buy and consume less. Otherwise, you are forever buying, not sure what you have. Getting organized so that you know what you have and avoid buying duplicates can also save you money.
2. When You are Organized, You Can Make Better Decisions About What to Replace

Replacing old or broken down appliances with energy efficient appliances — such as those rated by Energy Star — has been all the rage as of late. However, knowing what appliances you need to replace can be challenging, and the research needed to determine whether you should replace an appliance can be staggering. Luckily, if you are organized, you can make better decisions about what to replace and when. Organizing saves you time, so you don’t have to worry about the time researching energy efficient products takes. In addition, when you keep an organized log of what you buy and when, in addition to a storage area packed with your appliances’ user manuals, you’ll be able to make a better decision about what appliances can really save you money and energy if you replace them.

3. An Organized Home Means an Organized Recycling Routine 

In some areas, recycling is much easier than others. Most cities and towns now provide recycling services. However, some people who live in dorms, apartment buildings, or homes outside of city limits may still need to take in their own recycled materials. No matter whether you set your recycled materials out at the curb or you have to drive them 10 miles, if you have an organized home with a spot for recycled materials, you’ll do a much better job sticking to your recycling routine.

You might not think that getting organized has a whole lot to do with going green at first, but the more organized you are, the easier living an eco-friendly life will be. The organized person proves Kermit wrong. Sometimes it is easy being green.

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