pots and pans organizationThanksgiving is the holiday where family and friends gather together to eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. Feasts are prepared for the all day consumption from the constant barrage of visitors. But all that cooking requires a lot of dishes. Specialty pots, pans, and a multitude of dishes and silverware are necessary for holiday entertaining. Yet, what do you do with the turkey fryer in January? If you are worried about where to put all those extra items that help you to be a culinary master, consider expanding your off season storage to include space for cookware.

With a few creative storage solutions for your lower level or garage, those spaces become ideal for storing and keeping cookware in pristine condition – ready for the next party or holiday. Just as you switch out fall/winter clothes for summer shorts and sandals, storing large cookware and extra family dishes is easy to get to with proper storage. Your storage solution should include an area with shelving that is easy to reach and doesn’t make you stack many items together. Stacking too many items can actually make a mess, especially when the very pot you need is on the bottom of the stack.

The right organizational system will not only maintain your cookware, but will also make entertaining easier. A well-organized home, with no clutter is definitely something to be thankful for. Be the go to place for your family and friends with good food and a well-organized home that invites everyone back!

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