Take Note Ears As promised, we’re continuing our discussion on basement floors and how White Rabbit approaches floor revitalization. Unfortunately, we see far too often what can happen when the wrong product or process is used on basement and garage floors. A good floor surface should last a very long time, but when the new surface is applied improperly, there will often be visible problems with the floor, within a few years.

It’s not as easy to resurface a floor as it may seem. Many floor companies simply put down acid and etch the floor, prior to laying down a new layer of epoxy. The problem, of course, is that without properly grinding down the floor and creating a new floor surface, the epoxy simply will not remain sealed to the floor. Imagine walking across your basement or garage floor, from which the epoxy is starting to lift, and having it stick to your shoes and track throughout your home. It can be a real nightmare. Epoxy residue can be disastrous if it gets into your carpeting or onto your vinyl floors.We see so many floors that look just terrible. They are spalling and chipping, and there is dust and dirt coming up and being tracked into the house. White Rabbit can take your terrible-looking floor, the floor that is creating so much extra work for you inside the house – and make it look brand new. It’s all in our process, and like any good process, it all starts with the foundation.

shelton_basement_sealed_2 To obtain a solid seal and a long-lasting floor, the underlayment must be prepared properly. This is the step that many companies will skimp on, because of the time involved. White Rabbit knows that the harder we work on the underlayment, the longer your floor will last and the happier you will be.

That’s why we literally grind down your existing floor. Once we completely grind it down, we carefully fill in all of the cracks and smooth out the spalling. Then, we grind it down again. Instead of just coating the floor with a layer of epoxy, like most companies, we lay down a layer of polyurea, a layer of flakes, and then another layer of polyurea. When the process is finished, the floor looks fabulous.

More than just looking great, though, the polyurea floor is a dream to maintain. The concrete dust is sealed in, it doesn’t track into the house. The polyurea surface is waterproof, so you can easily wipe up oil and chemicals. The floor stays cleaner and less dirt, dust, and grease gets tracked into your home.

Acevado After Polyurea is also mold resistant. Concrete is porous, but polyurea is not. Imagine a basement floor that resists mold. Suddenly you have extra storage capacity or extra living space – your basement becomes usable again.

Whether you need a new floor for your garage, your basement, or even your driveway, White Rabbit knows how to do floors the right way. Let us show you what we can do for your floor!




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