Recently, we wrote a post on how to be prepared during storm season. Now that you know how to keep the most important things safe during a storm–yourself and your family–we can talk about how to protect your belongings.

A big issue that most homeowners become concerned about during spring and summer is the possibility of the basement flooding. You don’t even need a terrible storm in order to flood a basement—there just has to be enough rainfall. A flooded basement, however, does present serious risks, not just to your belongings, but also to your health in the form of mold. Mold can cause severe health problems, ranging from allergy irritations to cancer, so it’s best to avoid it at all costs. When a basement floods, materials such as carpeting, cardboard, wood and other building materials often get wet and stay damp. If this doesn’t ruin the materials, it will invite mold growth.

Luckily, White Rabbit can help you solve your basement flooding problems! We can’t keep floods from happening, but we can help you protect your items, and your family from mold. Here are a few ways that we can keep your basement items safe from floodwater.

Off-the-Ground Storage

We can install cabinets in your basement with strong legs that lift the cabinet inches off the ground. The items inside the cabinet will be safe, and the cabinet itself won’t get wet, damaged, or moldy. This has the added benefit of organizing your basement! No one likes a cluttered, messy basement that might be the center of ghost stories. With our racks and cabinets, you can get items off the ground and out of your way. We will work with you to create the best organization design for your basement, taking flooding levels and danger, as well as your own preferences into consideration.

Emergency Supplies Storage

With a well-organized basement, you will be able to find needed items more quickly—including the ever important emergency items. If an approaching storm is bad enough to be potentially dangerous, everyone knows that the best place to go is the basement. It’s impossible to predict what might happen during a storm, so you’ll want to have plenty of emergency supplies available for any sort of situation. In organizing your basement, it’s a good idea to make sure there is a specific spot especially for emergency items. Ideally, this should be close to a comfortable area, where the family is likely to stay for the duration of the storm. What, exactly, the particular method of storage is will be up to your basement’s construction and your own needs. It can be a standing cabinet, a container, or a rack. The most important thing is that it’s easy to retrieve, and big enough that you can store flashlights and batteries, a medical kit, and even some food and water.


Additionally, White Rabbit can provide a polyurea coating for your floor. Not only does this look great, but it provides a protective covering. The coating is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you can find the perfect match for your basement.

Storms can be very scary, but we here at White Rabbit want to ensure that you remain safe during storms, and that your home and belongings don’t undergo any expensive long-term, and potentially dangerous damage.

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