easter card R With Easter less than a week away, Peter Cottontail might be doing more than hopping down the bunny trail. If there’s a child in your household, odds are good old EB is hopping down the department store aisle, looking for items that will look perfect in little Easter baskets this Sunday morning. However, this year, you might want to ask the bunny to think beyond Easter morning when he’s making his selections.
Beyond Beautiful

What’s the key to the perfect Easter basket? Lots of candy, grass, and some bunny toys thrown in for good measure, of course. Or maybe not. Although we tend to purchase Easter knick knacks like rabbit stuffed animals and figurines because they look cute in a basket, they generally get thrown in a pile of discarded toys labeled “storage” before even a year has passed. If you’re trying to live in an organized home, they key is to limit what comes in and increase what goes out. Unfortunately, this Easter tradition doesn’t necessarily support that value.
An Alternative

Just because you’re trying to organize your life doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the tradition of the Easter Bunny or even Easter baskets. Instead, you simply need to change your strategy–instead of buying things that look cute in Easter baskets, ask the bunny to fill your children’s baskets with items they really want or need and will use. For instance, a pair of movie tickets, a necklace, a gift card, or a CD are great choices.

If you’re worried about the fate of your pictures on Easter morning, don’t be! Even if you’re not buying items because they are beautiful, you can still arrange anything pleasantly within an Easter basket. In fact, you can start a new tradition of themed baskets or basket hunts instead of beautiful presentations.

Getting organized starts with a lifestyle change, so if you’re ready to make the hop, have a good discussion with the rabbit himself today!

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