garage organizationReclaim your garage and enjoy a clean, organized garage with this tidy offer!!

$99 for up to three labor-hours with a professional organizer

Value $225   Amazing Savings of 56%

Who says your garage has to be messy? You will get 3 labor-hours with a professional organizer helping you put your stuff away in an organized attractive fashion. She will show you how to double or triple your garage storage to get as much off the ground as possible. She will make suggestions as to how to de-clutter. Along with the 3 labor-hours, you will get a professional organizational design.

The garage is an extension of your home. It’s your entrance, your most visible room and your opportunity to create valuable storage space.

Now is the perfect time to get your garage clean and organized!

Take advantage of this amazing offer and call 847.940.8484 to schedule your appointment

**This offer does not include disposal or washing floors, cabinets or walls



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