Kids who have many toys and no sound organizational system are easily overwhelmed. They don’t know where to find their toys, so they can’t have fun playing with them. However, it can be hard to give kids an organized space to play in a room that’s too small for many of their toys and that often needs to be used for studying.

The garage is a natural location for kids to play. It features a wide, open space and (in most cases) few dangerous obstacles that kids can hurt themselves on or knock over. By turning the garage into an area where kids can safely play and store their toys, you open up more possibilities for their play and put your house on the right track to organization.

It might be hard to imagine that obtaining a garage organization system can change your life, but it is true that an organized garage is necessary for an organized home. Before you can organize your home, you need a place where items can be stored — the garage is the perfect place to store those items, particularly toys. Organizing the garage is the catalyst for organizing the rest of your home. When you organize the garage for your kids, you also help them to really enjoy their play with an organized space all their own.

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