You’ve probably heard that there are a lot of software programs out there that can help you get organized. You’re right about that, but if you don’t know what software program to use, you can be just as disorganized as if you were using no program at all. Why? Because trying to use too many software programs can be frustrating, confusing, and frankly — really annoying. Different organization software programs work well for different people, but in this blog post, we’re going to detail one free program that might be helpful to you — Evernote.

Evernote, which you can access at, is a free web-based organization program that you can use on any computer via the web sign in option or via an application, which you can download for your computer or smartphone/tablet. Evernote allows you to create different notebooks for different subjects. You can fill those notebooks with any variety of notes — and you can edit these notes on any computer via the web sign in or applications. If you’re using one of the applications, you don’t even have to be online to edit your notes — though you do need to ensure you get your device online eventually so your changes can be updated.

Evernote works so well as for those who want to organize their homes because it allows you to include videos, pictures, and URLs in each note. You can also use Evernote’s vast “trunk” of complementary services to enhance your notes. (One really useful service is a program that allows you to handwrite or draw on photos or screenshots.) For example, if you’d like to organize your garage, you can start by creating a notebook for garage organization on Evernote. Then, you can logon to your note via any of your devices to add pictures that you find online or that you take of your friends’ garages, a few words about the design, or links to helpful web articles and services, like White Rabbit’s blog or homepage. Because Evernote is so easy to access, you’ll be able to capture all of your ideas before you forget them, allowing you to plan for the perfect home improvement or organization project.

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