White Rabbit garage organization systems make holiday bin color coding even more effective.

White Rabbit garage organization systems make holiday bin color coding even more effective.

This is a little tip we’re borrowing from Denise, reader of Get Organized Now. Her holiday organizing tip was recently featured in Get Organized Now’s reader tips section — and we at White Rabbit just love it! Denise organizes her holiday items by putting them in big, colored rubber totes. The color totes she chooses corresponds to the type of holiday items inside. For example, green is Christmas, red is Valentine’s Day, and black and orange are Halloween.

This simple tip makes organizing for holidays much easier. Think about it — if you choose this easy color coding method, you don’t have to worry about labels or signs falling off of bins, and finding the right holiday items is easy, even if someone else is doing the decorating. With this type of organization system, you also don’t have to get EVERYTHING out to find one holiday decoration, so if you need to get one or two things out when it’s not the holiday season — to get them appraised or give them to someone else, for example — you can do it without unearthing your entire Christmas collection in July.

If you store your holiday decorations in the garage like many people do — a White Rabbit Garage organization system can only make color-coded holiday decoration storage easier. With White Rabbit’s innovative garage organization system’s, you can further simplify your decoration organization by storing your items in innovative ceiling storage units, cabinets, and shelves. This way, your holiday decorations will not only be easily organized, but they will also be be easily accessible and out of the danger of damp floors or spills.

A clean and organized garage can save you time and money and give you peace of mind. Imagine being able to easily locate holiday decorations so that you don’t purchase duplicate items and so you can decorate as early or as late as you want to. With Denise’s ingenious tip and a garage organization system from White Rabbit, you’ll be able to experience the holidays like never before.

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