Floor Coatings for Barber Shops

Project Facts

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Durability 4x stronger
Flexibility 98% more
Vehicle Traffic 24 hours 3 days
Installation 1 day 2-3 days
Scratch Resistant 3x more
UV Stable yes no
Odor no yes
Wooden Step Application yes no
Warranty For Gloss lifetime 0
Year Round Installation yes no

Serving Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County & More

Appearances are everything in the cosmetic industry, whether you run a simple men’s barber shop or an upscale hair salon. When customers come in for a haircut, they expect cleanliness, style, and proper upkeep in the surroundings. Our barber shop floor coatings are perfect for remodeling your salon or designing a new space.

If you have concrete flooring at your barber shop, our polyurea coating will turn it into an eye-catching selling point. Find out how daily cleaning can be infinitely easier and your barber shop can inspire confidence with beautiful style.

Contact us at White Rabbit for a free estimate on barber shop floor coatings in Chicago or throughout the surrounding region.

White Rabbit for Barber Shops and Salons

Our floor coating stands up to spilled cleaning agents and chemicals, frequent mopping and sweeping, and of course all of your foot traffic. The coating protects the concrete against cracks, chips, and stains because it bonds to the concrete and creates a resilient membrane. We warranty the floor coating against defects and you can be confident that your modest investment will pay off with many years of durability.

You can also say goodbye to re-applying coating and stains every few months or years, too. White Rabbit sets the stage for years of simple upkeep. A simple vinegar solution is all your staff will need to clean the barber shop floors to keep it looking like new.

Stylish Floor Coatings for Barber Shops

From simple clear coats to colorful, lustrous finishes, you can get the right look and texture to match your barber shop design. White Rabbit has a wide inventory of color samples and we can mix custom batches to suit your branding.

  • Metallic floor coatings for a dramatic finish
  • Colorful floor coatings for family-friendly barber shops
  • Dark, rugged textures for upscale gentlemen’s barber shops
  • Simple matte or glossy floor coatings
  • Custom multi-color chip designs
  • Floor coatings that hide existing cracks and stains

Easy-Clean Barber Shop Floor Coatings that Last

Why is our polyurea floor coating better for barber shops than other options? Because it stands up to moisture, chemicals, and spills as well as scratches and heavy impact.

Your floor coating won’t crack or chip, so it will not develop pits and grooves where dirt, hair, and hair product residues gather. The smooth surface consists of a rubberized membrane that keeps out the grime. It also plays nicely with water, so it doesn’t become extra slippery when wet like many of our competitors.

Free Floor Coating Estimates for Barber Shops

White Rabbit is based outside of Chicago and we serve barber shops, hairdressers, and salons in the greater Chicagoland area.

Get the long-term solution for barber shop flooring with scientifically advanced protection from White Rabbit. Call (847) 272-7878 or request a free estimate for barber shop concrete floor coatings.


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